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About Us
OpenDataFabric is a mission-driven fintech leader committed to reshaping the financial landscape. Our core mission is to empower organizations with advanced AI solutions and efficient data management. We simplify customer-centric financial solutions, from seamless onboarding to effective loan management and collections.
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Our dedication to improving financial workflow and empowering self-service for customers is at the heart of what we do. At OpenDataFabric, we're here to streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive the future of finance through innovation.

Our Core Principles

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Empowering Through Innovation
We believe in the power of innovation to empower individuals and organizations, driving positive change and unlocking new possibilities in the world of finance.
Simplifying Financial Solutions
Our mission is to simplify financial solutions, making them accessible and understandable for all. We remove the complexity, so you can focus on achieving your financial goals.
Dedicated to Workflow Enhancement
We are unwavering in our dedication to optimizing financial workflows, ensuring that your operations run seamlessly and efficiently. Your success is our priority.
Innovate, Elevate, Transform
At OpenDataFabric, we constantly innovate to elevate your financial experience and transform the financial industry. We're not just following trends; we're setting them.

Founding Team

David Lin
David Lin
Founder & CEO
Jawahar Sukumar
Jawahar Sukumar
Co-founder, Head of Credit Solutions
Aayushi Saxena
Aayushi Saxena
Head of Product
Raja Mohamed Saibullah
Raja Mohamed Saibullah
Head of Analytics

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